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    I am working with the module TW Analytics (trial version of 30 days) and I have uploaded a Dataset made up of 131 features and around 10,000 rows.

    Then, I created a Model associated to this Dataset. Regarding the Model, signals and profiles seem to work.


    In particular, I have launched the Predicting Scoring by using the initial uploaded dataset, without uploading any Additional Data (I already tried this way with other .csv files and it worked), but the platform seems to be stuck.

    Indeed, I tried this operation since several days and the "state" of the Predictive Scoring remains still in "Running".


    Do you have any suggestions, please, in order to make this working?


    Thank you in advance.


    Best Regards,


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        jgreiner Apprentice

        Hi Ivan,


        It seems like some sort of glitch happened.  Can you try to terminate the job and then run it again and see if it runs successfully a second time?


        The way to terminate a job is to:

        1. Open up the jobs heading
        2. Select Terminate
        3. Put in the required inputs and the resultID of the job that you would like to terminate



        You can confirm that the job has been terminated by running the retrieve all pending jobs which should be returned with an empty set [ ].


        After you are sure it is Deleted, feel free to try running any jobs you would like.


        Let me know if it this fixes the issue and if you are able to generate predictive models successfully on this dataset.





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            ilopez Explorer

            Hi John,

            Thank you for your suggestions.


            I have made the steps you told me but the problem still persists.

            By looking at the TW Composer Monitor Application, I report below some occurred Warnings that might help to figure out the problem.

            I am not sure you are able to see it clearly.

            By the way, the first line reports an error in ending the PredictiveScoring job that was in running.

            After the validation of your steps, I had to click on the button "Delete" in order to select and start a new predictive scoring.

            I guess, this is the reason why this error occured.


            "[context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@21b16fd1][message: Execution error in service script [TW_ML_Helper DeleteScore] : ERROR terminating scoring job: datasetName=BeanProPTC, resultId=227: JavaException: org.apache.http.HttpException: {"errorId":"b2b12d34-c2bc-48d4-992d-9b770281e986","errorMessage":"No Result found for ID 227"}ERROR deleting scoring job: datasetName=BeanProPTC, resultId=227: JavaException: org.apache.http.HttpException: {"errorId":"8aa4a008-3375-4ca1-a0a2-c26cfe34213d","errorMessage":"No Result found for ID 227"} (DeleteScore#69)]"