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    Replacing WebGL - WebFrame-Widget for other 3D-object

    Hi Folks,


    For a simulation we are currently using WebGL and the WebFrame Widget to display a few 3-dimensional objects (e.g. cars) in the MashUp. Those cars exist in real life as a toy model and in Thingworx, displayed in the mentioned way. The purpose/idea is now, that you open a door on the real model and the displayed model does the same. A sensor is sending the information to Thingworx.


    My question now is: Is there any way to use a CAD-model/Unitiy script or file/3D-Model that helps me realising the project without using WebGL and the WebFrame-Widget?

    E.g. importing the CAD-File as in a CAD-Widget and if the sensors gives the information, the car door opens. It doesn't have to open in smooth way, I just need the two conditions "open" and "closed".


    I hope my explanation is clear, if not just ask. I am new to Thingworx, so I really hope to not bother you with a noobish question..


    Thanks for helping