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    Cloned "Admin alike" user not able to use services

    I have this Admin alike user, with all the permisions enabled, the I duplicated this user. When running the same Mashup (with just a service that generates random numbers asigned to a Led Display), the duplicated user has no access to the service, wich results in a warning alert over the Led Display.


    Can someone help me to understand where the difference is between both users?


    Thanks on advance.


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        polinao Ninja

        For security purposes, you may not 100% duplicate an administrator user. The proper way of creating an administrator user would be by adding that user to the Admniistrators group and organization. To do so, you must be logged in as Administrator, go to User Groups -> click on Advanced -> click on "show system objects". Then you will see the Administrators Group and will be able to add the user to it. Similarly with the organization. In your case -- add the "duplicated user" to the respective group/org and it should resolve it.

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