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    Using a third party Jar file for Database connection

    I imported the relational database extension for DB2 connectivity, but the default JDBC driver class isn't what my organization uses to connect to DB2. We use another driver class called "com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCDriver".  I tried setting this in the JDBC Driver Class Name field in the DB2 Thing configuration, but I wasn't able to query a database.  I have a Jar file that we typically have to deploy to use this DB2 connection driver and I assume I have to deploy this Jar file so that ThingWorx can see it and know it exists when I try to make a connection to a DB2 database.


    How do I deploy Jar file with ThingWorx/Apache so that I can use this JDBC driver?


    Here are my settings (some information has been generalized):