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    We encontered the following problems when we try to build an App with the AR SDK.

    What we have done:

    Step 1: We built a model with UG and edited the material (as shown in Fig.1), then saved it as an STP file.



    Step 2: We imported the STP file in ThingWorx Studio and published it.

    Step 3: We use the View App to scan the "thing mark" and demonstrate the AR scene (as shown in Fig.2).



    The problems is:

    As shown in Fig.1, we have already specified a kind of white material, however, the rendered AR scene does NOT reflect the change. Instead, it is always shown in gray.


    Could you be kindly help us to identify the problem?


    Thank you.

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        giri Communicator

        Ju Bin Liang The STP format might be converted, to make sure you can try viewing the same 3D model in Creo Illustrate. Is the above model built using Creo Illustrate?


        Also, ThingWorx Studio provides a feature for updating the color of a 3D model. Please follow the below steps:

        • In the Studio project, Drag and Drop the 'ModelItem' widget onto the model part, the part that is intended to change color.
        • Under Data Section (right to the canvas), add an Application parameter 'ItemColor'
        • In the 2D view, add a slider widget or a button widget.
        • Bind the slider widget's value property to the ItemColor parameter. Also add Filter to the binding (under Connections), filter body:
          • return 'rgba(' + value+ ',0,0,0.4);';
        • Now Bind the 'ItemColor' application parameter to 'ModelItem' color property value.
        • Publish and view the experience.


        Just an FYI, you can also find the related article at Changing Model Color