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    richardwi Apprentice

    What's the correct way of using the /Thingworx/Importer API resource?

    I thought I could sneakily work out how to use this by using Firebug to look at the request made via Composer, but I always get an error in the Application log that says:


    Forbidden file upload from https://x.x.x.x:y/Thingworx/Importer


    (address redacted)


    The curl command I have been trying to use to upload XML for a single (if that makes a difference) entity is:


    curl --user 'Administrator:xxx' -F 'file=@entity.xml' 'https://x.x.x.x:y/Thingworx/Importer?purpose=import&usedefaultdataprovider=false&WithSubsystems=false'


    (address and password redacted; and I've slightly simplified this curl request but only to omit --insecure because I'm using a self-signed certificate)


    Where is this wrong...?  Shouldn't I even be using the resource in this way?