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    fgrondin Explorer

    Repeater Widget not visible

    Hey all,


    I Have a child mashup that has label, and by using the repeater widget, I could give to the child mashup the parameters in order to set those labels.

    I have an infotable that will get , from a database, some data. For each row of that infotable, I would like to use the Repeater widget to create a child mashup and set the label with the good parameters.


    The thing is, the repeater widget isn't visible and it won't show the mashup used in the repeater.


    I've looked at the tutorial, and she uses a filter which I don't need. So how could I make it visible ?





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        polinao Ninja

        What is your item load behavior set on in the widget configuration? Try "load all".


        Also, please refer to this article for more information on the repeater widget: https://support.ptc.com/appserver/cs/view/solution.jsp?n=CS248670&lang=en_US

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            fgrondin Explorer

            I just tried it, it doesn't make the widget visible.


            I would like to add that the widget property visibility is set to true.

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                polinao Ninja

                Have you tried it in a different browser? Could you please refer to the article I posted above to see if a simple scenario would make the widget work properly - to isolate case-specific problem?

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                    fgrondin Explorer

                    I tried on other browsers (chrome.IE and firefox) and it doesn't work.


                    I've look at the article you've given me, and the only thing I see that's different is that I don't have Generic thing attached to the data, it is only data that I've got from a SQL Query.


                    Basicily , I'm getting data from SQL and it goes into a datashape.

                    For each row of that DataShape is a Mashup.

                         - Col-1 in the datashape  = label 1 in the mashup

                         - Col-2 in the datashape  = label 2 in the mashup


                    So I don't need any "Thing" related to those data.


                    I've done something similar to the repeater widget, but with static shape. so it wouldn't allow me to set more than x amount of shape (according to the dimension I've set). I did that before seeing the repeater widget.


                    So now with the repeater widget, it would allow me to set y amount of shape, where y = amount of row in the datashape and have it dynamic and not static.


                    So basically, would it be because I have no "Generic thing" that it won't allow me to see the mashups of the repeater ?