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    Thingworx, Python and Tinkerforge

    Hello there,


    First of all, i´m a mechanical engineering student and i´m not very experienced in programming (little bit node.js, learning python atm). I´m trying to connect a Raspberry Pi with Tinkerforge hardware to Thingworx.


    I wan´t to build a thing, containing actors and sensors, which streams the data collected from the sensors to Thingworx with the possibility to recieve events from Thingworx, stopping/changing the behavior of the actors.

    So far i got all the hardware set-up with Python code reading the sensor values (and printing them in the console). My biggest problem is, that i have no clue how to get the data to Thingworx. I already read the Raspberry Pi EMS Guide but i don´t get what the LuaScript is doing and how to configure everything/how to implement my Python script..

    This thread (e.g. the post from Shushant Pandey) looks like a promising/easy solution but it´s not using the EMS. Would this work for my purpose -> Re: Thingworx and EMS ?


    Kind regards