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    bmarimuthu Apprentice

    Text over the border

    Hi!!! I want to display the text over the border as highlighted. How could I make that right??





    Screenshot removed due to the request from thread owner

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        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Hi Bavithraa Marimuthu,


        Are you using any font to achieve this in the ScreenShot shared by you.

        If yes, you can use Font Labeling Widget and install your Font and show it accordingly.

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          zyuan Apprentice

          Hello, I'm not sure how Text over the border should look like as you preferred, please post a image if possible to help describe the issue.


          If you just want to highlight some text or Labels, you could use character size, Style(with color), Format definition, or ToolTip (Text shown when mouse Hover over). You could find most of these in Label widget or ValueDisplay widget.