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    dlee-3 Newbie

    I have some difficulties with using Thingworx Studio

    1) I drew 6 sequences using Creo Illustrator, saved them in PVZ format, and then extracted PVI files from it to open in Thingworx Studio.

    In Thingworx, the first two sequences are well played but the others are not played at all.

    Can it be resulted from any file size limit?


    2) I attached a Thing mark on a curved surface of the stuff which I worked on.

    The Thingworx View app on my smartphone rarely succeeded in recognizing the Thing mark.

    I guess it is because a Thing mark contacts only with a single tiny point on the curved surface of the modeling.

    Is it impossible to place a Thing mark on a curved surface?


    3) I applied multiple concatenated fade-in and fade-out effects as drawing a sequence in Creo Illustrate.

    When playing the sequence, however, the effects are not rendered except the last one.

    Is this normal?


    4) I used some symbol objects such as arrows in Creo.

    But I cannot see any of them in Thingworx Studio.

    Is this normal?


    5) It takes too long time to download a modeling in Thingworx View.

    My modeling is about 40 MB.

    Is the loading time dependent on the file size?