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    dbologna Apprentice

    Thing view property value receive from Mqtt Broker but not store that in value stream

    Hi All,

    I need information about the following problem :

    I used MQTT  extention in Thingworx (I have impoted the MQTT estention) and I created a Thing using  Thing Template MQTT.

    I have configured the connection Mqtt to Broker mosquitto using serverName test.mosquitto.org

    I have  developed a Mqtt published publisher.exe using  C#.

    I checked the system and Thingworx has received the values published from publisher.exe.

    The property value on Thingworx was defined  as STRING with persistent and logged enabled.

    The property values  published from publisher.exe are visible on Thing property (by refresh) or in mashup that used GetData service (GetProperty + convert string value to number) that refresh the value every every 5 second.


    When I want to look the property value using a widget  Time Series  Chart by QueryPropertyHistory I’m not found value in value stream.

    The property value was received from the MQTT broker but they  are not stored in value stream, Why ?

    Is needed  particularly configuration ?

    Many Thanks