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    External program in C# SDK V1 to access Axeda Enterprise device data

    Does the Axeda Enterprise ver 6.8.x no longer support access from external programs in C# .Net using SDK V1 ?

    The example programs "AssetLinkSearch" or "AssetLinkProvisioning" from ver 5 and 6.5 continue to work on those instances, but fail to log on to ver 6.8.x.

    Error: “Error Connecting”: ‘The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.’

    If V1 SOAP is no longer supported, and V2 REST is required now, are the sample/example programs "AssetLinkSearch" or "AssetLinkProvisioning" republished anywhere using V2 REST methods?

    Alternately, are external program logons no longer supported?