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    EMS/LSR support for Windows 10 IoT Core on ARM Edge devices (Raspberry Pi)

    Are there any plans for the WS EMS (Web Socket Edge Micro Server) and LSR (Lua Scripting Resource) SDK or standalone exe's running on the Edge device to support Windows 10 IoT Core with ARM processor, for example on a Raspberry Pi 3? This configuration is my preference to run a .NET integration that supports the full ThingWorx EMS functionality.


    Looking at the compatibility matrix @ https://support.ptc.com/WCMS/files/168196/en/ThingWorx_Edge_Products_Support_Matrix_Sep2015.pdf - if I have a custom .NET DLL to receive data from my data source (its big, so rewriting not an option) and I want two way connectivity with the ThingWorx platform using the EMS or the EMS SDK then are these my only assured options for full EMS and LSR functionality?


    - Small Form Factor PC running Windows XP/7/8/Server 2008/Server 12

    - Raspberry Pi running Linux O/S, compiling my .NET DLL and middleware using MONO to run on Linux


    I may well need to connect multiple edge devices to a Gateway for cellular communications so I'm open to distributing the parts of the system over multiple devices, for example to do data acquisition on a Raspberry Pi with Win10 IoT Core, which communicates with a Linux Gateway device running the EMS and LSR but I don't see how this would allow 2-way communications from the platform to the device.


    Apologies if this question has been asked but I couldn't find it in the archive, plus I'm aware that I may not be grasping a couple of concepts yet!


    Any pointers at all would be much appreciated