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    dynamic devices icons & tooltip mashup on google map widget



    I'm using the google map widget to display things (devices) on a map.

    I works well using "GetImplementingThingWithData" -> AllData : I can get all my devices with a marker on a map, select one from map or from a table (grid)


    I'm trying to improve but I did not success for these following

    1/ to put an  icon which is defined in the propertites of the device (it can change dynamically depending of the data received for the device) . I can use the avatar but not this image (this image works well into a grid widget)

    2/ when the mouse is on a device, to open a tooltip mashup instead of simple tooltip text : how to initialize this mashup with the data of the selected device ? (how to pass the selected thing in parameter of the mashup before to display it)