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    Session problem

    Hi developers!

    I have a infotable that stores some data, and the thing is that there will be many

    users login to verify the data in the infotable.

    I was thinking is there anyway to solve this problem by not changing the data in the server?

    Because if they verify the data at the same time I think there will be problems.

    I looked up some information about session properties, but I don't how to use it.

    Thank you!




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        pchung Collaborator

        I'm not sure why you think there will be problems.

        1. How many users?

        2. How many transactions?


        Is the information the same for ALL USERS or is it specific PER USER or is it specific PER SESSION?

        Same for All Users: Could store in a datatable or a Thing's Property

        Specific per User: Make it a User Extension (edit ThingShape UserExtensions) - access information from the Users Tab in the Mashup or use the CurrentSessionInfo Resource

        Specific per Session: Create your own ThingShape with the necessary property and add it to the session by adding it in User Management Subsystem

        You can then access this information on the Session Tab in the Mashup or use the CurrentSessionInfo Resource


        If there truly is a very heavy load / lots of traffic User or Session certainly will help reduce that.

        Also see the documentation on Session Parameters here: Session Parameters

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          wposner-2 Creator

          If you're storing an infotable on a thing, you're better served by changing your design so that you're storing the data in a data table--especially if it's sensitive data that you don't want to risk losing.  There are a few threads about how to properly write data to a thing's infotable property without losing your data.  Just something to keep in mind.  But when the data is in a data table, it's easy to update.  You can also implement a pseudo-version control so that if someone accidentally changes a row, you can easily roll back. 

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            polinao Ninja

            Adding to everything said above, here's a few useful links:

            , here are links to couple community blogs on Infotables and data storages:


            Getting to Know InfoTables

            What is an InfoTable?

            Where Should I Store My Thingworx Data?