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    on-premise and datacenters



    can you please tell me if thingworx can be installed on my enterprise solution I mean on my hardware in company and if yes can every communications stay in this company? i mean nothing will be saved in online cloud but in cloud in own datacenter.




    Second question is if i can choose where my data will be stored. I mean if I can choose for example EU, USA etc. If yes what are these regions?




    Many thanks for answer.

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        supandey Ninja

        Hi Tomas, yes if you are installing ThingWorx locally and there's no cloud component involved, all the data will remain internal to you only.

        Do I understand correctly that for your second question you are looking for hosting the ThingWorx with PTC Cloud Services? I believe your sales contact at PTC could help you out with more exact answers on the region availability.

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          tstraka Newbie

          Hello Sushant, yes, you understand correctly, sorry, I should express more clearly. Problem is that i can not find answer on my question anywhere on Thingworx webpage. If they have own data centers around the world there should be some informations about locations of their data centres. Do you know if this information is accessible?


          many thanks for fast answer