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    scha-2 Apprentice

    Somebody help me i fall in HTTP401


    i check that

    401 Application cannot be accessed during a new install or upgrade:

    For Postgresql, ensure the database is running and is connected to, also see the Basic Troubleshooting points below.

    Verify the tomcat, java, and database (in case of postgresql) versions are matching the system requirement guide for the appropriate platform version

    Ensure the updrade was performed according to the guide and the necessary folders were removed (after copying as a preventative measure).

    Ensure the correct port is specified in platform-settings.json (for Postgresql), by default the connection string is jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/thingworx

    Again, it should be kept in mind that while the symptoms are common and can generally be resolved with the same solution, every system environment is unique and may require an individual approach in a guaranteed resolution.


    i think database connected and running,

    version is following guide 7.3 so Tomcat 8.0.43, ThingworxPlatform 7.1, postgreSql 9.4

    and platform-setting.json is jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/thingworx

    but everything installed D but java oracle installed C

    please give me some solution, Thanks