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    External File Storage location



    Is there a ThingWorx location or server that external files, i.e. videos, documents, etc. can be stored in and then dynamically linked to via hyperlink widgets set up in the 2D Studio? These files should be able to be viewed then in ThingWorx View.


    Also, as a related ThingWorx View topic, apart from iOS, is ThingWorx View available on any other platform? The app for Windows does not seem to function at all. I tried to download the app onto a Windows Surface tablet, but no joy; not supported on tablet or PC, despite the blurb. Is View still only available on iOS?


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        moritzvonh Creator

        Hi Brian,

        answering the second question first:

        ThingWorx View is supported on iOS, Android and Windows 10. There are links to the apps in the corresponding stores on the https://studio.thingworx.com/home/ page for which you have a login when you're part of the TWX Studio pilot/trial program.

        I personally used iOS and Windows 10, the later with my laptop and a webcam and that worked fine. Can you provide details on the hardware and Windows version of your Surface tablet?


        Regarding external content in Thingworx Studio Experiences: right now we support external content for images (URL Image widget) and via the Hyperlink widget.