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    MS SQL extension cannot use Windows Domain accounts




    I'm quite new to Thingworx. I already know how tu use MSSQL Thing Template to connect a MS SQL DB (using the extension MS SQL)

    Now, I would like to use windows domain account to connect a MS SQL DB


    Here is the config I'm trying


    I'm getting this error when triggering a test service


    Following some advice on the Internet regarding the use of JDBC for Windows Authentication, I added the sqljdbc_auth.dll within my C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_77\bin directory.


    Now I'm getting a different error. A login error.


    What is really strange for me is that the service is not using the account I want to. The used username is actually the hostname of the server on which ThingWorx is installed...


    Why the thing is not using my configuration?



    Hope you can help on this one