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    Dynamically create datastream

    Hi, i need to create dynamically datastream,

    i found the snippet code to create a things "runtime". Now i need to create datastreams in a snippet but i can't find documentation on snippet search and on the net. could you please help me ? thanks

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        This is the code for create datastream from snippets, it is the same for a generic object. I was searching for something specialized in stream but a stream is a thing so this code works for me!


        var thingName = "RunTimeCreatedDataStream";

        var thingDescription = "this is a custom description for "+thingName;

        var tagThing = 'MyParent:stream';

        var params = {  

             name: thingName /* STRING */,  

             description: thingDescription /* STRING */,  

             thingTemplateName: "Stream" /* THINGTEMPLATENAME */,

             tags: tagThing /* TAGS */


        //create data stream



        //assign data shape to datastream



        // enable thing and restart