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    yhwan Newbie

    How to change a color of toggle widget?


    A default color of toggle widget is red.

    like this..

    I tried to change it, but I couldn't do it.


    I referenced here. https://codepen.io/Bradley_Lancaster/pen/jPzEbz


    If it is possible, please give me an idea.



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        mneumann Creator


        the toggle has basically two properties.

        I've assigned the "ToggleMe" class to the Toggle Widget to control it's background color and the font color. The style sheet like this:


        .ToggleMe {
          color: #2379FF;
          background-color: transparent;


        For the actual background you can use


        .toggle.toggle-assertive input:checked + .track {
            border-color: green;
            background-color: green;


        Despite it's being a bit too green, it works quite nice.

        One controls the actual track color, the other the border around the Widget.

        (It will be for ALL Toggle Widgets you're using though)


        I hope that helps