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    Widget list/dropdown that show multi columns



    In a mashup, I'd like a dropdown list that show multiple columns, like an infotable in a dropdown list. Do you have any idea how I can do that ?


    - The list of rows can be opened and closed like a dropdown (~widget list)

    - The row contains many columns like the widget grid (editable, checkbox...)

    - When the dropdown list is opened, it can overlay all widgets / layouts / rows that are below the list


    I tried to add a Grid in a Folding Panel for the effect of the dropdown list. But the size of the Folding Panel is fixed and it doesn't show a scroll when the Grid is longer than the Folding Panel.


    Thank you for your attention.


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        zyuan Apprentice

        Hello, the List widget might not be able to show more than one columns, and if the folding panel could not meet your requirement, then we should give it up.


        I'm not sure whether the expandable Footer/ Header/ Sidebars could meet your needs, but I'll see them as a good fit:

        • The Footer/ Header/ Sidebars are responsive, so they can hold a Grid widget directly (Many columns)
        • The Footer/ Header/ Sidebars can be bound with a button, and clicking the button to activate the ToggleExpandCollapse service, making it "The list of rows can be opened and closed like a dropdown"
        • It can overlay all widgets when opened