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    Error making a REST API call from Thingworx

    Hi everyone,I am getting following error


    Error executing service

    Unable to Invoke Service testHttpService on testhttp : Illegal character in query at index 79: http://01hw407758:8088/NoSqlMngWS/rest/1.0/Put/insertThingworxData?textData=abc

    I have defined the URL in extension java code like

    String url = "http://01hw407758:8088/NoSqlMngWS/rest/1.0/Put/insertThingworxData?textData="+ URLEncoder.encode(Name, "UTF-8");

    Can anyone help me with this ?

    EDIT : I have made a custom extension which has a Thingtemplate with a service that makes a REST API call to another server .I have validated the URL and it works well on browser.I am facing problem in making call from thingworx platform.


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