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    How do I set the lookback parameter in Thingwatcher?


    Before configuring thingwatcher, I know that the Thingwatcher-excel-reader tool verifies the trining data as shown below.

    java -jar thingwatcher-excel-reader.jar -i sample-data.xlsx -c Signal -o testing_C.xlsx --values-for-training 20 --max-lookback 6 --min-lookback 2 --certainty 99

    I can not get a concept for lookback here.

    Why set up a lookback window?

    Can I know the number of lookback windows to set the min and max values of the lookback window?


    Please let me know about the above~~~.

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        cmorfin Communicator

        Hi Yong June


        ThingWatcher works a little bit as follow:

        1. - during calibrating mode, a training model is created that represent the correct state of work
        2. - during monitoring, ThingWatcher looks at the last few data to predict the value of the new incoming data.
        3. - it then compare the predicted values with the actual value received and flag it as anomalous or not depending if it fits the prediction or not.


        The lookback window represent the amount of data ThingWatcher will use to make the prediction in step 2 above.

        A usual range is max lookback 16 , min lookback 8, but this may need tuning.


        Note that in the latest release of ThingWatcher it is NOT recommended to set the lookback window, instead ThingWatcher will automatically test a few and keep the optimal one. See the Help Center.

        Since you are talking about the Excel tool, I would assume you are using an old beta release of ThingWatcher (The Excel tool no longer exist in latest release), I would recommend that you use the latest release to get the best results.


        Hope this helps

        Kind regards