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    Display Data on Mashup Composer, from remote devices



    I successfully simulated my computer as several device, sending simulated data, generated from the Lua Script Agent running there, to the ThingWorx platform.

    You can see on this first screen one of my device, with inside 3 parameters :

    - AirHumidity

    - FloorHumidity

    - Temperature

    which are updated automatically with the wsems and luascript running on my computer, as you can see on the screen below.



    When i created my mashup, as i did during the first tutorial which works well, this time i had no data displayed.

    To be sure of what happened, i decided to try something with the Time Series Chart, and if you look on the

    bottom left of the screen below, on the DataField1 section, you will only see the local property testFloorHumidity, and not the other properties, catched from remote device.




    My question is, how can I do to display data from remote device on Mashup Composer ?