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    Hyperlink Widget question



    Is there a reason that non-secure URL's such as http://... can be used in Hyperlink Widgets, but secure URL's such as https://... do not work?


    The links I have created using the widgets work just fine for the non-secure links, but I had reason to try to link to https:// locations and the displayed hyperlink on an iPad does nothing at all, as if the hyperlink was just underlined text.


    Any ideas?


    As always, many thanks,



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        giri Communicator

        Brian, The Hyperlink widgets works for both secure and non-secure URLs. I tried this in ipad/android and is able to navigate to the webpage. I'm sure you must be using the latest version, did you try with a different set of urls i.e., some thing other than the one you are using currently?

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            bwhelan Explorer

            Thanks Giri,


            It would appear that both you and Ryan are correct in your responses. I have just this morning substituted the wanted secure URL's with different (unwanted!) secure URL's and these do indeed work fine. The locations that I had been trying to extract files from was in a Dropbox location where I have particular files that I want to view when I click a hyperlink on the ThingWorx View.


            Many thansk as always for your reply



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            zyuan Apprentice

            Hello Brian,


            I've tested the Hyperlink widget, and it can work with https:// websites too.Actually it's just an external link, like the ones you can see in an email or html page.


            Here are some advice:

            1. Don't link the widget's URL to any source
            2. Set the widget's TargetWindow to New Window
            3. Since non-secure URL could work, you should check if the browser itself is blocking the secured visit or the pop-up
            4. Please test the mashup with a computer first, and check if there's warning or error appears in F12 (console/ network) in browser.