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    Whether postgres 9.5 is supported thingworx version or not

    Hi Team,


    we had to install postgres 9.4.5 db in our dev machine for thingworx 7.1.0 postgres version. By mistake, we have installed postgres 9.5 . But in a link, we also see that postgres 9.5 is not supported by thingworx. So please confirm whether we can go ahead with this version of installation and continue to install thingworx 7.1.0 postgres or do we have to redeploy postgres 9.4.5  instead of postgres 9.5.


    Links that i referred:



    Page No: 4



    This Guide is intended for use by a Database Administrator (DBA) that is familiar with configuring relational databases. NOTE: The steps provided in this guide are intended for a QA/sandbox environment only. You may need to tune settings for optimal performance in a production environment.



     PostgreSQL 9.4.5 minimum, but latest update version is supported for 9.4 (for example, 9.4.9). 9.5 is not supported at this time.

     ThingWorx 6.5 or later

     Apache Tomcat 8.0.33 or later

     Oracle Java 8