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    Dev improvement with rest API import without tomcat restart

    Hello everyone, I'm writing a script with REST calls in order to automatize our extension development. I want it to export some files, delete extensions and reimport them into thingworx. So until now everything works fine.


    It seems after refresh the mashups are indeed being updated but my classes are not. I mean, let's say I want to add a new service and a new mashup within my extension. I build and use my script, I can see the new mashups but I can't see my new service.

    In order to see it, I need to do a tomcat reboot.


    The problem is the tomcat reboot takes about 4-6min in my case (some security configurations) and I want it to appear without doing the tomcat reboot.


    How can I load my new classes in thingworx?


    PS: If I import my new extension using TWX UI, I can see that my extension is indeed appearing with my new service, so maybe I need to do another REST call?