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    tlichtenberger-2 Apprentice

    Developer Trial Edition: Problem with Setup and architecture of ThingWorx

    hey there!


    Concerning the Developer Trial Edition, I want to install Thingworx 7.1 but I am not able to find the  thingworxPostgresDBSetup.bat script to execute. I have downloaded the Thingworx zip shown at the developer Portal site http://developer.thingworx.com/dashboard in "my Downloads" but it doesnt hold the .bat file.

    How or where can I obtain that file if I want to try the Developer Trial Edition (120 days) ?


    In another discussion in the forum I was directed to the PTC download website, but it says I am not allowed to access the download with a Basic account.


    I appreciate any help or advice you can give me, thanks a lot in advance!


    In Addition: Is the Developer Trial Edition a testversion for the whole Thingworx platform? I am able to test Thingworx Studio, Thingworx Analytics, Thingworx Utilities, Thingworx Foundation all at once or are these components all separated from each other? As you can possibly see, I am a little bit confused of the architecture of Thingworx. I have already tested the Thingworx Composer which is integrated in the Thingworx Foundation component. But how can I, for example, Combine the Composer with Thingworx Studio.

    If you can give a little overview about the structure and possibilities of Thingworx, I would be very grateful!