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    tlauer Newbie

    Where to download ILM extensions?

    In the "Integrity Lifecycle Manager Extension Guide.pdf" (Version 1.1, July 2016) several extensions are mentioned.

    But I cannot find these extensions in the PTC download area. I have only found the "TWX_Integrity_LM_Connector_ExtensionPackage" for Release 7.4.

    But 4 other extensions are mentioned, too.

    • TWX_Integrity_LM_Core_ExtensionPackage
    • TWX_Integrity_LM_Generator_ExtensionPackage
    • TWX_Integrity_LM_Constraints_ExtensionPackage
    • TWX_Integrity_LM_Demo_ExtensionPackage


    Where can I download these extensions? Or are they part of another extension?