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    mbevilaqua Newbie

    Remote KEPServerEX

    The installation I did Kinex and KEPServerEX are in the same computer.

    Now I want to connect to a remote KEPServerEX.

    How can I connect Kinex to a remote KEPServerEX?



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        mthakker Apprentice

        Hey Murilo,


        The procedure is essentially exactly the same.  You'll navigate to the "KEPServerEX Monitoring" module, and click the plus icon to add a new server.  It will again generate the configuration for Kepware for you to copy and input into that instance of KEPServerEX.


        Some extra troubleshooting for you:

        1 - If the remote KEPServerEX instance can't connect to Kinex, ensure you can ping the machine that Kinex resides on

        2 - If you can't ping the hostname, try it again with the IP address of the Kinex host

        3 - Assuming one of those two works (if not, this means that they're not on the same network (which complicates things a ton more)), make sure that whichever port Kinex occupies on the host machine allows incoming connections.


        Let me know if you have any more questions,