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    amulatier-gachet Newbie

    Issue when I use Model Item



    when I use Model Item, it is work well. I save it, close the experience and when I open it, everything is moved. If I delete the model item, everything goes back to his place.


    Any ideas ?

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        athompson Apprentice

        Hi Alexandre,


        I'm also seeing this issue.  In my case, I have a multi-level assembly and I want to create a Model Item for a sub-assembly.  I drag the Model Item widget onto a part that belongs to the sub-assembly and everything is OK, even if I save the project, exit out and then come back in again.  But then I edit the properties of the Model Item and change the Component Occurrence to select the sub-assembly.  At this stage it looks OK on screen, but if I Preview, or exit and come back in to the project, the whole sub-assembly has moved to a new location. as shown:



        If I remove the Model Item widget, then the sub-assembly immediately moves into the correct position:


        It looks to me like it works OK for individual parts, but it's broken for sub-assemblies.


        Can anyone comment on this?