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    scha-2 Apprentice

    I have some question about property


    I distinguish data through special key values in the database

    and this data is transmitted in real time.

    that's why I mash up through templates.

    in the tree designed through the network, pass the value of To as the Entity value of the template.

    and i update data ussing subscription (AddString(or Integer or Numberic etc..)ValueStreamEntry(params))

    but thing's properties do not change.

    so I tried the "me.property=item.location" but this method prints the same value in 0.001 second.

    I would like to update the properties of this event by avoiding the output at 0.001 second intervals.


    this is QueryPropertyHistory

    and it is change real time

    and this is Property Value

    it doesn't change (Here Weight value is default value)

    and when i use me.property = item.speed (it's ex)

    as you see Output is 0.001s interval about once every 1~4 minutes

    and i renewal 1minutes



    Please help me

    Thank you.