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    REST API or Edge Micro Server ?

    In as simple as I can put it


    Which is better or efficient or preferable to use?




    Here are some cases I can put it forward in:


    1. Bandwidth Constraints - If we have low bandwidth, or if we want to minimize the use of bandwidth.


    2. Quantity of Data - If there is huge amount of data, or too less (may be in bits).


    3. Time Constraints - If we have time constraints, either we want data faster or want it in stipulated time frame.


    4. Cost Effective - How cost effective would each of them be?


    5. Retrieval from Device or Cloud - If we want data that is stored in the cloud or directly from the device.


    6. Stored or Real-time - If the data we're retrieving is stored or is being fetched in real-time.

    7. Location of Service, as in where does Rest API run from and where does EMS exist to run?


    In what case could either of them be preferred over the other?






    Some are also of the opinion that EMS internally runs REST Api calls only, then why are these differentiated in terms of technologies for Thingworx?

    And how do these differences work better or worse in each of the above cases?

    Hope, I'm not ambiguous in what I want to know.