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    Problem connecting Analytics Builder with Analytics Server Instance

    I'm having trouble connecting the Analytics Builder with Analytics Server Instance. My analytics server instance is running in a virtual machine (using VirtualBox), on the same computer that I have Thingworx installed on (including the Thingworx analytics extension).

    This is a screenshot of the ip addr command of the server in the virtual machine.

    It's working, and I can do requests through Postman to the server.


    However, when I try to introduce the same parameters to the Analytics Builder, and click "Check Configuration", nothing happens.

    How can I manage to connect the ANalytics Builder to the Analytics Server instance?


    Thanks in advance

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        cmorfin Communicator



        Is it possible that you post:

        -  a screenshot of Help > About from ThingWorx to confirm ThingWorx version

        - a screenshot of Import/Export > Manage showing the version of the ThingWorx Analytics extension components


        The extension is quite sensitive to version compatibility so that woudl be a first thign to check.


        Also in the screenshot of Builder > Settings, the two buttons Verify Configuration and Save are greyed out, did you try to click in different fields in the page or outside some field ? Initially this is the situation, but by clicking somewhere else in the page that activate the Verify Configuration button.


        What browser are you using and can you try with a different one ?




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            hmendezsordia Newbie

            Hi Christophe:


            This is the screenshot of Help -> About:


            This is the screenshot of Manage Extensions:

            Yes, the buttons are initially greyed out, but when I fill the form, they become active. As soon as I click Verify Configuration, both buttons become disabled again, and I have to go to the Models or Data tab and return to the Settings tab. The form is reset, and I have to fill it again in order to enable both buttons again.

            However, when I click Verify Configurations, nothing happens (other than the buttons getting disabled).


            I have tried with Chrome and Internet Explorer, but the same thing happens.

            Thank you


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                cmorfin Communicator

                Hi Hector


                Officially the ThingWorx analytics extension 52.2 has only been tested with ThingWorx 7.2.4 and we do get issues when other versions are being used.

                I cannot guarantee that this is the reason here but since it is easy to change I would advice to switch to ThingWorx 7.2.4 as a next step:

                - download ThingWorx 7.2.4 for the same db provider you are currently using

                - stop tomcat

                - delete the content of <Tomcat>/work folder

                - move <Tomcat>/webapps/Thingworx folder and <Tomcat>/webapps/Thingworx.jar in a directory outside Tomcat loadpoint (as a backup)

                - copy the Thignworx.war from the 7.2.4 media into <Tomcat>/webapps/ folder

                - restart Tomcat

                Then try again


                If you still have the problem could you provide the OS version and browser version you are using on the client machine ?

                I saw also that you opened a case to Technical Support, so we may have to wait for the outcome of this too.