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    V7.4 Workflow and Emails

    Hi All,

    I have managed to achieve functional workflows and have attempted to trigger an email as a Service Task. This in itself is rather straight forward but where I am stuck is assigning email addresses for TO, From, CC etc.

    All I seem to be able to select for these fields are "activeStep" and "workflowId". Is was expecting to see valid email addresses in these drop down menus. Below is an example of this:



    I have a user with email extensions setup. I have tried assigning users the workflow tags, and played with users permissions. But this does not seem to help.

    Entering in email addresses directly to the service task does not work (errors about white space are raised).

    I cant find any documentation or tutorials about this either.

    Does anyone have experience in achieving emails from Workflow they are willing to share?

    Thanks all