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    Live Data Preview



    I have a functioning project which incorporates a gauge widget which displays live updating data.


    When I Preview the project, the on screen display shows the gauge correctly and the data changes properly. This is all published up OK, but when I try to view the same in ThingWorx View on an iPad, the gauge only displays the default text.


    It took me a while (and a lot of trial and error!) to realise that unless the Access drop down menu in the Info Editor is set to Requires Authentication instead of Public, as I had it set, then the live data will not display in View. Is there a particular reason that the live data gauge display requires authentication? Can the Access not be set to Public and still view the streaming data? There are certainly some instances, especially in demonstration, where it would be preferential to NOT have to log in and enter passwords continuously!


    Many thanks as always,



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        mschuetz Explorer

        Hi Brian,

        you can do that. Find a "how to" here in the HelpCenter under the Enabling Access to Properties, Services, and Events section:





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          Ankit Gupta Ninja

          Hi Brian Whelan,


          ThingWorx Studio/Experience Service uses Appkey for ThingWorx Authentication.

          As we have two type of Projects in ThingWorx Studio - 'Requires Authentication' and Public. So, there are two Appkey created in ThingWorx; one is used when we select 'Requires Authentication' option and Public Appkey is used when we select 'Public' option.

          Each Appkey corresponds to different user.

          When we login to ThingWorx we use the credentials used for Experience service which corresponds to the Appkey for 'Requires Authentication' option.

          We create entities using this user; so, all the entities created in the ThingWorx have default access to the user corresponding to the 'Requires Authentication' option.

          If we want to give Rights for Public access; then the user corresponding to the Public access should be able to access those entities. So, we need to add Visibilty and Run-Time Permissions in those entities for the Public user. I hope you already know how to give the Permissions to a user in ThingWorx. Do let me know if you don't.

          The name of the public user is es-public-access in my THingWorx instance for ThingWorx Studio.


          You can find more detail about same in the link shared by mschuetz@ptc.com


          Do let us know if you still face any issue.

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            johnma Newbie

            Note that an app key is only used to access ThingWorx data for Public projects.  When a project requires authentication, the user viewing the experience is prompted to login and those credentials are used to access the data in ThingWorx - an app key is NOT used in this case.


            The help center topic Configure Public Access to ThingWorx - Grant User Permissions provides a more complete and accurate description of how to configure public access to ThingWorx data.  The steps described in the “Enabling WebSocket Connections” subsection have already been performed for free trial deployments.  The subsection “Enabling Access to Properties, Services, and Events” describes the steps that you need to perform to grant access to the data you have created specifically for your experience.

            Note: The Community Site doesn't appear to support full links into the help center.  So, clicking on the link provided above will only take you to the top level help center page.  To navigate to the appropriate help center topic do following:


            1. Click on the link provided above - this will display the top level topic in the help center
            2. Click on the Configuration subtopic
            3. Click on the Configure Public Access to ThingWorx subtopic
            4. Click on the Grant User Permissions subtopic