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    Hololens Spatial Mapping

    Is the intent to respect the hololens spatial map such that the closest object, physical or digital, take precedence?  It appears I can see models that are below floor level, so I assume by default the spatial map isn't being used to determine visibility?

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        Hi Dan,


        Maybe you  meant Spatial Understanding in your question, i.e. position an augmentation somewhere meaningful in the hololens 3d space e.g. a tabletop.  This functionality is not available in View at this time.


        That said, Spatial mapping is used by the Extended Tracking system of Thingworx View:  Once you've scanned a ThingMark and loaded an experience, Thingworx View hands over the positioning of the experience's holograms to the Hololens Spatial Tracking (once the tracking of the thingmark becomes stable enough).   Therefore, you can move away from the thingmark and still see the experience, or even create widgets far away from the thingmark -- they will be visible even if the thingmark is not.


        Note that the functionality described above is only possible for stationary experiences, i.e. where the thingmark will not move during the session. 

        Note also that the hololens documentation recommends no to place holograms (i.e. widgets) at more than 3m of their reference system (the thingmark location)