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    eboersma Newbie

    Is there a way to export an experience in to Unity?  I'm looking for a way to get an experience I've created on to a pair of augmented reality glasses.

    From what I've been able to find, my only options for viewing an experience created with the ThingWorx Studio is to use their iOS Application and the iPhone camera.  I'd like to be able to take the experience I've created within ThingWorx Studio, export that in to Unity, and then I should be able to convert it to work on the augmented reality glasses that I have.  I'll be using the same ViewMark for the marker, but instead of using the iPhone camera, I'll be using the glasses camera to view the experience.


    Has anyone done this or is there something I've missed?  Only being able to use the iPhone is very limiting in regards to the experiences I can create.


    Thanks for the help.