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    deshengx Newbie

    Kepware 6.1 doesn't work with Kinex for manufacturing

    latest version you can download from Kepware website is 6.1.


    however, it can't connect to Kinex for manufacturing.


    if you install both Kinex and Kepware server on same server, Postgres dB service will not be able to start anymore after you uninstall Kepware 6.1.


    just for your information.



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        mthakker Apprentice

        Hi Desheng,


        Kepware 6.1 is not officially supported on the Kinex for Manufacturing Beta program, though it will work in the release in June.  You can download the installer for older versions of Kepware by clicking on the older versions button while on the myKepware webpage.




        However, installing Kinex and kepware on the same server (Kinex first, kepware next) is a known issue.


        This issue can be fixed in two ways:

        1. Install Kepware first, and allow it to completely finish installing before beginning the install of Kinex


        2. Navigate to the C:\PTC\KinexForManufacturing\PostgreSQL\installer\ directory and runvcredist_x64.exe.  This will fix the broken C++ redistributable.