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    Widget Autocomplete doesn't support special characters and displays ValueField in input



    The widget Autocomplete is not supported by ThingWorx (https://marketplace.thingworx.com/Items/autocomplete), I'd like to know if anyone uses it. Apparently, the input accepts only letter and it doesn't work when the input contains special characters like space, dash -, even wildcard *, etc..


    Another problem, when the widget receives the data that has two columns "twxName" and "realName", I can make the widget to display and to search in the column "realName" (DisplayField) and the selected value bound out is from the column "twxName" (ValueField) (with property SendValueAsSelectedText checked). But after selecting a row "realName" from the result of search, the "twxName" appears in the input area instead of "realName". I tried to modify the widget but it's quite complex at first sight.


    Do you have the same problems and could you resolve them ?