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    Thingworx studio for 3D models issue


    i'm trying to create some Thingworx Experiences using models longer compared with width or thickness (Eg: Illuminated Polls).


    I would like the the 3D model to look like in reality:

    - i can place the thing mark on the ground, scan the thing mark and to see the really model using the table or the phone.

    - the issue is that all the time the think mark must be in front of the phone or tablet otherwise the 3D model will dissapear

    - i have similar models where I would like using the tabled to rotate around the virtual 3d model but if the thing mark is outside of the tablet area the 3D model will dissepear


    is it there any solution after the scan is done and the 3D model appears into the phone the 3D model to remain and not dissapear when the thing work is out of the phone are?