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    danmi Explorer

    Waking View

    If bloom puts ThingWorx View to sleep, how do I wake View and maintain experience context?  I find if I click on the View window again it puts me in Scan mode.  I would rather enter Scan mode only if I Swipe Down.  This would allow me to access other apps and then return to a View experience.

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        pvermeer Explorer

        Dan -- While the behavior you describe is desirable, it is not technically feasible at this time.  The dev team tried to get this functionality, but all the approaches they tried caused worse problems, such as the app freezing completely and having to reboot the HoloLens to get it to restart.  We also learned that the OS  does not let us control whether the app is killed or not, so we can't make assumptions about the state we have when the app is reopened.  We'll keep this on our radar, but don't expect to be able to make any changes in this area in the near future.