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    Delete Dynamic Property when Closing the Mashup


    I'm currently working on ThingWorx 6.5.

    My case is, I have multiple source that goes into a service and with a property, I get which one I should return.

    Basically, I need to do that in order to have a multi-binding widget.

    But I'm getting a "bug" where if there is more than one mashup open, that property is changing for both Mashup, so sometime the property has not the good value.

    I was thinking of creating a Dynamic property for each new Mashup. (I would have a service that create the property and return the name, then I can pass that name into the other service to use that specific property).


    But then, if I don't delete the property when the mashup closes, then there would be a lot of unused property.


    So my question is, is there a way to capture the On Close Event of the mashup or my best bet would be to create a custom widget that capture the on-close event of the web page?