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    qzhang Newbie

    Message Store subsystem usage

    Could someone give a pointer as to how one can use the Message Store subsystem? We have tried invoking a remote service and updating a remote property while the remote thing is disconnected, but it seems that the message did not get stored in the subsystem (to send when the thing becomes connected again). The service simply returned an error saying that the thing was disconnected.

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        Ankit Gupta Ninja

        Hi qiqiang Zhang,


        As per ThingWorx documentation:

        The Message Store Subsystem processes outbound queued messages for various Remote Things, including Federated Servers.

        It stores messages that will be delivered to a Remote Thing once it is online. When all of the stored messages have been delivered, the threads can be destroyed.


        For more information on this please use PTC ThingWorx help center link and search for the keyword Message Store Subsystem.

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            qzhang Newbie

            Hi Ankit,


            Thank you for the link, but unfortunately it isn't really helpful. I have looked at the Message Store Subsystem page and the Subsystems page, but none of them mention exactly how or when the message store subsystem is used.


            For instance, if a remote thing is offline, and the platform tries to invoke a remote service that is on the thing, when does it fail because of the disconnection, and when does it get stored into the subsystem?


            We are trying to implement a client that might not be always connected to the platform; we would like a way to either have the client respond to a force-connect, for example, from the platform, or have the platform store messages to the thing. It seems that the documentation on the Message Store Subsystem is lacking; is there a more detailed guide/documentation on it?