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    jlee-7 Newbie

    How to create a Master?

    Hello Expert


    Does "Create a Master with a Menu" means Create a new mashup and display widget Menu?


    then How to connect the mashup?


    I already read the Document

    TitleDisplay a Mashup on a Contained Mashup based on selection of Menu in ThingWorx





    How to design a navigation on Mashup




    but I cannot understand how to create master, menu, navigation

    I don't know where I have to manipulate ..


    I want some more information to do that.



    Ji young.


    Ji young Lee 님이 메시지를 편집했습니다.

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        saeedma Apprentice

        Hi Ji,


        The Master is a separate entity type that you can create from the composer Home menu. Under the Visualization section, you'll fund Mashups as well as Masters Listed. Select the green "+" sign next to this to create a new Master. From the Master Mashup editor, drag and drop the Menu widget onto the editable area outside of the contained Mashup section. Once you save this, you can open the Mashups you wish to add the Master to by selecting the Mashup from the Workspace and in the configuration window, use the magic picker to select your Master.





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            jlee-7 Newbie

            Hello Saeed


            Thank you so much!!!


            But I have one more problem.


            How to bind Menu  or  set target??

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              zyuan Apprentice

              Like what Saeed has mentioned, setting that could give the mashups a Master in the outer range, and here I want to mention the Menu used in Master:


              1. Put a Menu widget in the Sidebar of the Master

                2. Build a Menu entity

              The top four items are the links to Mashups ( Also the Master property has been settled as Saeed mentioned), the fifth one links to a secondary Menu

              3. Put Menu entity in the Menu widget in Master

              After these steps, when visiting all the mashups listed in the Menu, we can all have Master with Menu in its outer range, and can easily go from one Mashup to another

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              liliu Creator

              Hi Lee,


              I'd like to give you a sample of usering Menu on a master.


              1. Create a menu. (https://support.ptc.com/appserver/cs/view/solution.jsp?n=CS205546&posno=5&q=menu%20permission&DocumentType=Article&Produ…)


              2. Create a Master and add a menu widget in the master design page. Bind MenuTest to menu widget

              3. Crate another mashup that use step2's master as below.

                 run the mashup, you will see a picture as below

                  Click the M2, the page will be redirect to another mashup.

                  Click M1, will redirect to a mashup that only have a navigation widget on it.

                 click the button, it will redirect you to other mashup


              That's all about menu, master and mavigation. If there are further concern, please feel free to let me know.


              Best Regards,