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    How to insert past-data to a Thing?

    Dear TW community members!


    So, this time we are working on "Local Data Storage" feature for our devices when the internet connection is not available.


    Here is a quick back-ground info:

    - We have smart sensors which updates thingworx every minute to post temperature,pressure, humidity etc.

    - We store all these information using "Value Streams" for each device.

    - and then we use "QueryNumberPropertyHistory" service to retrieve history of data to display meaningful graphs and other info


    When there is no internet connection, our devices skip sending information and whenever the connection is back, devices will start re-updating ThingWorx again.


    Now, we have managed to store information locally within devices even when there is no internet.


    However, I am curious, what would be the best way to update thingworx and insert all of those locally stored information in one single update? and I still want to be able to see meaningful (not collapsed) [temperature - timestamp] data pairs when I use "QueryNumberPropertyHistory" service on Things. (Generic Services)