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    message: Invalid service name: GetRemoteMetadata

    aagrawal-3 Newbie



      I have created Remote Thing "RemoteVendingMachines" and added all the properties. Then I had created Thing VM-TR1 and

      1. Click the  Manage Bindings button.
      2. Select RemoteVendingMachines
      3. Drag Prop_Equipment1Hum to CurrentHumidity
      4. Drag Prop_Equipment1Temp to CurrentTemperature
      5. Click the  Done button
      6. Click the  Save button


      Result: Remote Thing value is not coming in CurrentHumidity and CurrentTemperature properties.

      In Application log getting below Error:

      [context: com.thingworx.webservices.context.HttpExecutionContext@35edcc9a][message: Invalid service name: GetRemoteMetadata]


      I have verified services of Remote Thing "RemoteVendingMachines", GetRemoteMetadata service is present under

      • RemoteMetadataBrowsing


      Note: Thingworx 7.4


      Please suggest.


      Thanks in Advance