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    vmurugan Newbie

    creo not open

    I am using creo 2.0, recently i am update system software, after that creo didn't open, then i am uninstall the software, then again re-install the software, again continue the problem. Is there any solution for this issue?

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        rolandr Explorer


        when we speak about Creo we need to clarify  which product? Creo View, Creo View Express or Creo Parametric?

        If I  suppose that you do use Creo Parametric (the more complex product as mention above) . In this case we need to know is there some error message for example . some think like no license error ... etc. You can check in this case (Creo Parametric):

        - is there a new trail file in the directory?

        - is there a new entry in the std.out or std.err?

        -is there a traceback.txt file?

        What is the information in this files?


        Roland Raytchev