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    vvu Newbie

    How can I set permission for user account ?

    I created user account by create user service in EntityServices. Now I can log in the user account but I have no permission to do anything.

    Everything is disable , for example create a thing,... .

    How can I set permission to this account ?

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        supandey Collaborator

        Hi Vietanh, you can try adding the user to Designer or Developer Group, if you haven't already added the user navigate to the composer > Security > Users Groups


        Note: Though you can grant permissions on individual users and on individual entities in ThingWorx, but that won't be the recommended way to go and quite cumbersome to manage.


        In case you don' t see these groups, it could be that they are hidden you can enable their visibility by going to Advanced tab and enable the

        show system object like so


        Navigate to the desired Group > Members > Edit Members then add all the required users as the member to the group


        For your quick reference


        Developers Group

        The Developers group has read and update design time permissions (not delete) for all entities.


        Designers Group

        The Designers group does not have any default design or run time permissions.


        You can check the doc on security and groups at User Groups



        Hope this helps!

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          Ankit Gupta Ninja

          Hi vietanh vu,


          In addition to what Sushant Pandey shared; you can also create your own User Group with custom permissions and add the user to that user group.